Life Group

Groups of men or women that gather to help each other pursue what God wants to do in us and through us.

The Pattern


A reminder of why we gather in Life Group.


Share about and listen to what God is doing in our lives.


Exercise our ministry skills so that we are confident and competent when the opportunity arises to use them.


Report on our successes and challenges in pursuing the things we believe God wanted us to pursue.

Goal Setting & Prayer

Ask God what he wants you to pursue in the coming week and commit ourselves to pursuing it.

Weekly Accountability Question
Did you accomplish the goals you thought God wanted you to pursue?
Other Questions
What challenges has God given you this week? How have you responded?
How would you describe your relationship with God this week?
Have you taken the time to recharge emotionally and refresh yourself physically?
How did you do with your Bible reading & prayer this week?
Do you need to confess any sin?
Have you been looking at, dwelling on, or looking for objects of lust?
Describe some of your God-centered conversations with believers this past week.
Have you prayed regularly for the unbelievers that God has put on your heart?
How have you handled your finances this past week?
How is it going being the husband or wife God called you to be? How is it going being the father or mother God called you to be?